When your product is lined up on a shelf with your direct competitors side by side, what makes a customer choose yours over the others?

Most of it comes down to psychology. The way you attract customers who have never seen or tried your product is through packaging. Differences in design have a tangible impact on how your customers perceive the products inside. That is why choosing the right colours, shapes, structures, forms, materials and typography is crucial when you intend to make your products stand out from the crowd. Let us help.


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Innovative product packaging design

We make sure to provide you with truly unique solutions when it comes to product packaging design.

In need of premium beverage packaging? Enhance your product’s prestige with the help of our unique, custom-made bottle boxes. In search for luxury packaging solutions for your high-end products? Be it an expensive watch, fine jewellery or some gourmet chocolate, exclusive rigid boxes are the right choice! Looking for an ideal packaging solution for storing and shipping your products? Choose from a wide variety of our durable, yet decorative corrugated fiberboard boxes.

Exclusive product packaging design - We make sure you stand out from the crowd

We offer full customized service from design to execution. Our design team provides you with professional consultation to create a truly eye-catching product packaging design!

Furthermore, we always provide you with prototype samples to make sure the final product packaging design meets all your expectations. Additionally to our wide range of materials you can choose from various surface treatments (including embossing, hybrid UV drip-off varnish, 3D UV, scented varnish, cold foil and metalized foil) for your unique box packaging.

Finally, our cutting-edge technologies and strict quality assurance control system ensure that you receive outstanding quality at all times - at reasonable prices!

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