There is no second chance to make a first impression. No matter what product you are selling, well-designed bag packaging can go a long way in putting your product into the hands of buyers.

By providing innovative and eco-friendly bag packaging solutions, we make sure to set your product apart from those of your competitors!


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Bag packaging that sells itself

How can you package your products so that they get the attention you desire?

The colours, fonts, textures and style you choose for your bag packaging help to set your brand apart from other companies. For example, consumers predominantly associate circular and curvy lines with friendliness and femininity, whereas straight and angular lines evoke a feeling of power, strength and masculinity.

Additionally, in today’s world where sustainability is becoming a licence to operate for all businesses, using eco-friendly packaging is a must to position yourself as a desirable brand in the minds of the consumers.

Innovative bag packaging from design to execution

Playing a dominant role in the European flexographic printing and processing market, we are capable of producing extremely high-quality and resolution prints. Since our machines are compatible with each other, we can handle your needs flexibly.

Furthermore, since the average age of our machinery (4 latest generation flexo printing machines, 2 high-speed laminators, 4 high-performance slitter machines, 6 modern bag making machines) is always less than 3 years, we provide you with the latest technology at all times.

Our 8 colour, central cylindrical, gearless printing machines provide the latest technology - a single device can print up to 200 000 meters per day. Our laminators are suitable for both solvent and solvent-free lamination. With our flexible line of packaging machines, we can manufacture bags of various types and designs such as side and rear sealed bags, 4-edge and 3-side sealed bags, coffee pouches with security seals, pouches with adhesive strips or advertising bags with patch handles.

Additionally, we pay special attention to the production of eco-friendly packaging materials. Consequently, our products are 100% recyclable!

Don’t forget: the more representative the bag packaging design is of the product itself, the more likely you are to reap the benefits of consumer psychology. Let us help!

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