Are you afraid of losing your business to the pandemic?

Without doubt, COVID-19 has brought about new challenges across the globe. It is also more than certain that this whole new reality will not change within the next few years - we have to adapt. The good news?

If you are prepared to protect your customers as well as your employees in the most efficient way, you have already made a big step forward in keeping your business going. Let us help.


Install sneeze guards & protective walls - Show that you care!

No matter if in grocery stores, dry cleaners, hospitals, manufacturing plants, restaurants, discount stores, cabs or pharmacies - by installing sneeze guards & plexiglass shields, you show your customers and employees that you truly care about their health. They can feel safe and continue shopping/working without any worries since these protective walls significantly reduce the chance of spreading germs and microorganisms via droplets. Furthermore, they allow customers and workers to see each other and talk easily, but not worry about getting sneezed on or coughed on.

Additionally, plexiglass shields are advantageous because they are smooth, transparent, they are easy to handle and to clean, and they can be fully customized to fit your unique business needs. Moreover, plexiglass shields are more durable and less expensive than other forms of barriers, such as tempered glass or polycarbonate. These protective walls even function as reminders to re-enforce physical distancing requirements when people are forgetful.

Keep your employees and customers safe in style with our branded acrylic sheets & sneeze guards

Prepare your business for the upcoming years with your own branded safety gear! Our plexiglass shields, protective walls and face shields come in various shapes and sizes, and we are able to fully customize them to fit your unique business needs.

Furthermore, our plastic barriers can be installed without any hassle since they are lightweight and easy to handle. To ensure best quality and timely delivery, all of our products are manufactured within the European Union in ISO-accredited facilities.

Don’t let your customers walk away because of an unsafe environment! Order your branded safety gear today!

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