Did you know that 83% of consumers recall the brand name seen on a promotional item while only 7% of consumers remember the name of the advertiser after viewing a TV commercial?

No matter if you are a large multinational corporation or a small business, promotional merchandising just works as a fantastic way to drive brand awareness. Furthermore, it is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching more customers.


Promotional merchandising - Low cost, great return

Giving away corporate merchandise gives the impression that your company is backed by a professional team: mugs, stickers and t-shirts are just a few examples of the different low-cost promotional items that businesses can choose to advertise on whilst keeping costs down.

What about giving away corporate merchandise to your employees? Promotional items can help colleagues feel more valued and they can also improve employee loyalty.

Taking into consideration the above benefits, the question may arise: what is the perfect marketing merchandise?

If you wish to highlight the environmental awareness of your company, you can choose from our eco-friendly products, such as biodegradable paper straws, cups made of rice husk or plantable papers. If you are looking for creative, yet practical gifts, why not choose bluetooth caps, bottle opener sunglasses, mask storage cases or anti-mosquito silicone wristbands? If you are searching for a premium gift, our branded products are the right choice: who wouldn’t be happy with a Jamie Oliver kitchen utensil, for instance?

Custom marketing merchandise in every price range

Our warehouse of 2500 square meters holds a wide variety of marketing merchandise in every price range. Our labeling shop of 1500 square meters enables us to label your ordered products in as little as 3-5 workdays. If you provide us with your logo, we prepare a visualization for your product right away and send it to you together with our quote. If you are happy with these, we start the labeling process. Additionally, our experienced team provides you with professional consultation in the course of the ordering process.

With the help of our branded merchandise, it’s a walk in the park to raise your brand awareness, generate quality leads and improve your company’s bottom line. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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