What kind of emotions should your customers feel when they enter your store or take a glance at your products at a trade show event? Should they feel special? Should they feel relaxed as if they were just at home? Or should they feel safe and trust your brand immediately?

You can convey the right feelings with the help of our custom-made retail kiosks. Using the appropriate materials - metal, acrylic and/or wood - you can make your customers feel like they are in the right place from the first moment on!


Wooden & metal kiosks - From elegance to spectacle

No matter if shoes, coffee, eyewear, handbags, smartphones or cosmetics - elegant wooden kiosks convey warmth, timeless quality and that aspired feeling of luxury and class.

Metal kiosks convey premium quality, reliability and safety. It can be a great choice for supermarkets, pharmacies or food kiosks in shopping malls, however, its modern appearance makes it perfectly suitable to showcase luxury products, as well.

With the help of clear acrylic kiosks you can bring the wow-factor to your customers in an effortless way since this material accentuates your product rather than the kiosk itself.

Premium quality, custom solutions & affordable prices

Our experienced team of professionals, our new generation machinery as well as our high-standard site of 5500 square meters adapts flexibly to the constantly changing market needs. By combining cutting edge technology with our quarter century of experience, we provide you with impressive solutions.

Elegant wooden kiosks? Modern metal kiosks? Beautiful acrylic kiosks? Or the combination of all these materials? It’s all up to your imagination! In accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 3834 and EN 1090 standards, we design and build beautiful and ready-to-use retail kiosks to your exact specifications - at affordable prices.

The question is: are you ready to make the best first impression on your customers and to boost your sales?

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