You know your products are of high quality. You know they are unique. You know they are better than those of your competitors. But how do your customers know?

If you display your products in an inappropriate way, they won’t attract your customers’ attention and people will just walk out of your store. How to prevent this?

Clear acrylic displays and stands are the perfect way to bring the wow-factor to your customers and to boost your sales. These displays highlight your product rather than the display itself. No matter if jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, watches or eyewear, in a retail setting, on the road or at a trade show event: acrylic stands and displays will help your products steal the show.


Acrylic displays: unique, elegant and durable

Acrylic displays and stands are durable, so they'll stand up to repeated vigorous use. Additionally, while other plastics tend to fade, scratch or discolor over time, acrylic keeps its crystal-clear look for years. Furthermore, due to its easy malleability, acrylic glass can be shaped into almost any conceivable form, making it possible to realize individual presentation displays.

Premium acrylic stands - At unbeatable prices!

Our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen makes all your ideas come true! From the first consultation and initial drafts to manufacturing and delivering the end products, we provide you with high flexibility throughout the whole process. To get the perfect end result, our techniques include vacuum forming, injection moulding and laser cutting. No matter if you need only one acrylic stand or a complete store fit-out, our well-equipped machinery, assembly plant and premises enable us to serve all your needs!

Using acrylics of only the highest quality as well as providing the most comprehensive range of this material in Europe (also including PMMA, PC, PET, PS and PVC), we make sure to provide you with beautiful, durable and unique solutions - at unbeatable prices!

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