How Using A Retail POS Display Can Give Existing Product Ranges New Life

What is a POS display?

Point of sale (POS) display systems have become increasingly popular in retailers across the world. If you’re unsure about POS display stands then this article will help as in some cases, you might not be sure about what they are and how they could benefit your company.

Retail POS display stands have shown a wealth of benefits, which explains their growing popularity. If you have heard of point of sale displays then you may be keen to learn more about what they are and how they may help you to market your products. In fact you might think that a retail POS display wouldn’t help your company.

However, quite the opposite; they could breathe new life into your product ranges so let’s take a more detailed look into the subject.

The first question you might have is ‘What is a POS display?’ That’s a relatively easy question to answer. A retail POS display is a system designed to conduct sales on a premises and forms a part of visual merchandising. These can be used for the entirety of the sales process, alongside returns and other areas.

High-quality retail POS display stands can also be used to track inventory, help to determine when to place new orders, and much more.

Why are POS displays effective?

It’s one thing to know the answer to ‘what is POS display?’ It’s another to know why they’re actually effective. There are multiple reasons for this, with many revolving around the benefits of POS display stands. After all, they’ve been growing in popularity for a reason.

Some of the more notable reasons why retail POS display stands are effective include:

  1. They catch a customer’s attention.
  2. Help retailers sell specific products.
  3. They can be strategically placed to sell more.
  4. Enable the targeting of impulsive buyers.

A retail POS display is effective for various reasons, all of which benefit a retailer. That could be more than enough for you to consider getting them. That leads to the question of what features you should look for in a POS display.

Retail POS display stand features

If you’re considering getting retail POS display stands, then you’ll need to know what features to look for. There can be several that you’ll want to focus on. Different POS display stands can offer different features, alongside various benefits.

The most notable of these are:

  1. A wide range of different design styles can be used to ensure the display complements the product being sold.
  2. A branded tailored display can double up as an advertisement when product features and benefits are highlighted on the stand.
  3. Displays can be used to supplement your product packaging. Product features located on packaging alone are not so easy to spot amongst when the product is located on standard shelving alongside competing products.
  4. A product often gains a more favourable location in the store when using a POS display which attracts the attention of more shoppers.
  5. Retailers may put emphasis on different benefits of these POS display stands.

Retail POS solutions

Regardless, developing a POS display that maximizes as many of these features is clever marketing and carries the potential to have a real impact on sales revenues.

There can be a lot involved in choosing the design and styling of an ideal retail POS display stand. To assist with this process it is advised to speak to a specialist in this field who can offer guidance and advice on just what is possible.

Working with a specialist and a project manager can ensure that your POS display is tailored to suit your product profile and showcase your goods in the most effective way. Investing in a high-quality POS display can bring specific product ranges to the forefront and significantly boost potential sales.

If you're interested in maximizing your sales with the help of POS display stands, consider partnering with Trademarketing Europe. Our team of experts can help you develop a customized POS display solution that will drive success for your business. Don't wait – contact us today to learn more.

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